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More and more EAL (Bio) lubes and H2 coolingfluids are available. Antifreeze, heatexchange fluids lastest more EAL qualities in supply.

Original, physical brand lubricant supplier Helios Marine lubes: Klüber, Mobil, BASF, Shell and further Marine lubes.

Direct delivery from the manufacturer production source - Own storage. helios lubeoil OEM system supplier. Latest lubes and greases available. Ptx + H2 fuels will be available.

Yachts Marine Lube contract supplier: national and international Marine + Analysis RLA services.

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The Lubricant Company

HLAS helios analysis laboratory and engine trending services.

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lubes for yachts:

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Ultra Large Yachts, Super- and Megayacht lubricants delivery and yachtfuel supply almost world wide. HLAS Helios Excellent Lubricant, Fuel Analysis and Processing monitoring.

LATEST development EAL VGP approved:

- helios EAL Grease heavy BIO EP for e.g. rudder (wash out test 30% normal multipurpose grease 80%)

- helios EAL pure fluid® 32 and 46 and 68 (hydraulic and industrial gear oil)

- helios EAL pure grease EP 2 for general equipment as multipurpose grease


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New buildt yacht and vessel service

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helios grease saving - when car do not needs wheels they still need helios hybrid grease
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