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2020-November: IHM Services HLAS -> Dynamic Key Support Lubricants LubeOil Survey and HLAS reports Oil analysis is your fit in special gem.

2020-August: H2 Helios Hydrogen available with mobile H2 fuelsation, dispenser/equipment, H2 supply for material handling at forwarder sites

2020-July: helios lubes takes part in alternative fuels H2 Marine with major partner support

2020-June: helios lubes opens new lube storage with increased storage capacity and new large office loft, Industrial Harbour: Beim Struckenberge 7 28239 Bremen

2020-January: helios lubes with new hard-software which are powered by 5MW solar powerplant. Lubes are saving up to 30% CO2 primary energy - helios lubes

2019-October: GTL Marine Diesel available in Germany

2019-September: Superyachts FuelCell power source

2019 - July: EAL lubricants + greases + coolant more "green" more environmental friendly. Get helios lubeoil® EAL Fluids range with same technical performance as EAL Bio Fluids. Google Camp 2019 change now or update lube fluids + greases + coolant for your lovely yacht. Set an email and get started.

2019 -  April: Shell Rapid Lubricant Analysis (RLA) UPGRADE after 30 years of service to: SHELL LUBEANALYST  (effectiv 15th April 2019 mor information at technical reports)

2019 - March: Due to the upcoming Brexit, all deliveries that affect the subject in the payment method (capital control) must be charged in advance.

2019 - February: Gadinia S3 40 available at Port Rashid, UAE

2018 - October: Yacht Shell lubes at Gibraltar. Shell Tellus, Shell Omala, Shell Rimula and more are available. Sent your quote please!


2018 August: Marine International lubes distributer, in addition to the German supplier, was concluded with helios lubeoil to offer our helios customers even better and extended service and supply

Grease development; impact by accumulators:

Clean Diesel, Diesel HPR, Crude Blue, Designer Fuel, Synthetic Fuel, Clean Fuel .... different names - same product?



2017-11: ABEH Hamburg lubricant and fuel service / supply with Mobil, Klüber, Shell and other brands for BlohmVoss and Norderwerft site at Lubricants + fuel in Hamburg

2016: Urea / Adblue for yachts in Europe and US available.

NEW-2014!!! helios Premium KMXX 10W-40 named MTU 3.1 approval!!! helios KMXX: MTU "approval meets the requirements for Oil Category 3.1 and is approved for use in all MTU engines (except Series 8000, 956 TB31/32/33/34 and 1163 TB32 Genset) and DDC engines Series 2000/4000. The letter of approval does not cover Series 1800 engines." helios Premium KMXX is ready to go for european distribution. bulk, 1000 L IBC, 209 L drums, 60 L smalldrums and 20 L pails are available.

lubricant supply places, e.g.:

Europe, Germany, Netherlands, Gibraltar

France Marseille, La Ciotat, Nice, Monaco

Spain Barcelona, Tarragona to Marbella

Spain Balearica Islands (Mallorca)

Singapore, UAE