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2019 -  April: Shell Rapid Lubricant Analysis (RLA) UPGRADE after 30 years of service to: SHELL LUBEANALYST  (effectiv 15th April 2019 mor information at technical reports)

2019 - March: Due to the upcoming Brexit, all deliveries that affect the subject in the payment method (capital control) must be charged in advance.

2019 - February: Gadinia S3 40 available at Port Rashid, UAE

2018 - October: Yacht Shell lubes at Gibraltar. Shell Tellus, Shell Omala, Shell Rimula and more are available. Sent your quote please!


2018 August: Marine International lubes distributer, in addition to the German supplier, was concluded with helios lubeoil to offer our helios customers even better and extended service and supply

Grease development; impact by accumulators:

Clean Diesel, Diesel HPR, Crude Blue, Designer Fuel, Synthetic Fuel, Clean Fuel .... different names - same product?



2017-11: ABEH Hamburg lubricant and fuel service / supply with Mobil, Klüber, Shell and other brands for BlohmVoss and Norderwerft site at Lubricants + fuel in Hamburg

2016: Urea / Adblue for yachts in Europe and US available.

NEW-2014!!! helios Premium KMXX 10W-40 named MTU 3.1 approval!!! helios KMXX: MTU "approval meets the requirements for Oil Category 3.1 and is approved for use in all MTU engines (except Series 8000, 956 TB31/32/33/34 and 1163 TB32 Genset) and DDC engines Series 2000/4000. The letter of approval does not cover Series 1800 engines." helios Premium KMXX is ready to go for european distribution. bulk, 1000 L IBC, 209 L drums, 60 L smalldrums and 20 L pails are available.

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lubricant supply places, e.g.:

Europe, Germany, Netherlands

France La Ciotat, Nice, Monaco

Spain Barcelona, Tarragona to Marbella

Spain Balearica Islands (Mallorca)

Fort Lauderdale FL

Honolulu HI


List of superyacht agents (not helios approved)

Fuels and lubes companies do not need agents: Direct contact

South France and Monaco: 

Spain Balearica Islands

Azores Islands:

Acormarine Yacht Service
Horta Marina /Fayal Island Azores
PHONE 00351292293392 / FAX 292391161
PAULA CRISTINA 00351918614090