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Marine International and National German lubricant supplier.

Supply of Shell Klüber BASF lubricants for ships, vessels and yachts in selected shipyard locations and ports, as well as for your special personal service. helios is certified at many shipyards and customers for confidential cooperation and delivery of Marine Brands Lubes.

Helios Marine Yacht and commercial vessel lubricants services since 1920 in Germany for shipyards, owners and management.

helios lubeoil supplies Shell Marine lubes in ports e.g.: 

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Ft Lauderdale






Specials Rotterdam and Amsterdam (Netherland):

Rotterdam lube barges* only: Double-hulled vessel with 1.700 MT capacity

Amsterdam lube/fuel barge*: Double-hulled vessel with 364 MT capacity for lubricants

Marine Cylinder Oil, Marine Trunk Piston Oil, Marine High Speed engine oil (low sulfur or high sulfur requirements) 


Ask for ROW International Ports and Places. Fleets welcome - Ask for Large Fleet Discount - please provide lubeoil surveys before. Contact: or download NAVYlubes.APP

Most german ports and shipyards supplied with lube by bulk RTW, IBC 1000 L, Drums, pails.

Usual Marine Grades available. Other non national grades are shipped international.

VGP approved lubricants and greases at helios lubeoil


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Shell RLA - Shell Marine LubeAnalyst Sent in List + information 2019-05-20 


* When delivery by barge is not possible we can deliver with our own tanker, or with the call on certified sub-contractors.  

Lubricant brands complete product range: Aral, bp, Castrol (commercial and industrial), helios, Houghton, Mobil, Texaco, Total, Shell, Vickers, etc.