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helios marine and industrial lubricants are delivery

faithfull and compliant delivery on time regarding YOUR schedual in Germany Shell, Mobil, helios and other brands delivered in pail, drum, container and bulk pumped ex RTW. If you are in urgent need please order our Express Service. Depending on availability, quantity and place e.g. ca. 2 hours Germany or South France / Venice ca. 13 hours,  Spain ca. 18 hours on workdays as shortest delivery.
Express Service is subject to confirmation on individual basis.
"The impossible is our challenge."

Shipyard, refit, bring into operation test, new built, service available. Please ask for plans geared with progess.

helios lubeoil delivers regularly, ask for all other places:
Germany: Bremen, Kiel, Hamburg, Wilhemshaven, Papenburg, Rendsburg, Schacht-Audorf, Lemwerder, Bardenfleth, Berne, Flensburg, Wewelsfleth, Rostock, Wolgast, Wismar
South France: La Ciotat, Antibes, Nice, Monaco
Spain: Barcelona, Vilanova, Tarragona, Cartagena, Valencia
Italy: Trieste, Venice
Netherlands: Harlingen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam
UK, England, Scotland

helios lubeoil INC, USA, will deliver at
Florida: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and surroundings.
California: San Diego (allow ca. 14 working days notice).
Hawaii: Honolulu, Hawaii (allow ca. 21 working days notice)

ROW - other partner destinations or helios Shell contractor supply: 

Sri Lanka
Andaman Islands

Malysia   Langkawi
Thailand Pukhet
Thailand KohSamui

Hong Kong
New Zealand 

VGP approved lubricants and greases at helios lubeoil

Start today and be prepared for tomorrow.

Distribution lubricants: bulk, container IBC, drums, pail lubricant brands Aral, Gulf, helios, Houghton, Mobil, Texaco, Total, Shell, Vickers, etc.

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