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Superyacht fuel supply Germany

Superyacht Bunker Services lubricants and fuels, oil analysis

We deliver and supply gasoil Ptx, diesel AGO EN 590 - ULSD and petrol in different qualities, places. According Marpol Annex VI. Marpol UN sample bottles with sealcaps and UN boxes for shipments available. Special pricing for large orders on request.

helios lubeoil is certified custom approved with all necessary certificates for yacht supply since decades.

Germany by RTW:
approved places: Hamburg, Bremen, Kiel, Rendsburg, Schacht-Audorf, Berne, Bardenfleth, Wewelsfleth

    AGO EN 590 max. sulfur max 10 ppm (clear-yellow, non-Commercial) (ULSD)
    petrol Super ROZ 95, E-5
    Jet A1

    Ptx fuels
    No DMA fuel in ECA Marpol (Emission Controlled Area)

Registered  fully commercial yachts are energytax free. Formal custom approval needed. 

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