AdBlue + Urea AUS40 pure fluid® marine ship application

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Supply: bulk RTW or IBC (container 1.000 L)
Secure Source in partnership with BASF and Shell Marine 

Marine, Industry and more Urea solutions use. Helios Lubes supply direct out of production in Europe.

It is NOT a fuel additive. Never ever add to fuels! Never ever use fuel or lube pumps! helios offer: helios Urea AUS40 pure fluid® mobile pump system with hose for superyachts (could be used as well for AdBlue)

Protect from direct sunlight, protect from frost. Store only in dry, cool and well-ventilated areas.

Definition: AdBlue

Liquid urea solution, is injected into vehicles with SCR systems in front of a special catalytic converter to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. There it reacts with the pollutants and converts them almost completely into water vapor and harmless nitrogen. Concentration 32,5%

Definition: UREA AUS40

SCR technology and urea solutions for marine engines
SCR technology and urea solution (AUS40) for marine engines
HELIOS has an extensive range of products for reducing NOx in shipping, which is sold under the brand name helios UREA AUS40 pure fluid® Concentration 40%

SRC (Selective Catalytic Reduction; selective catalytic reduction)

AdBlue or/and helios Urea AUS40 pure fluid® available for Resellers minimum 23.000 kg bulk CIA your location or ask for scale price: Reseller's inquiry for scale price AdBlue - helios Urea AUS40 pure fluid®